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Dog Days Of Summer

Report Date: August 3, 2017

The dog days of summer are here! It's hot and so are the water temps which can slow the bite down a bit making some days real tough to catch a lot of fish. Fishing at night can be a great way to beat the heat and catch more fish.

During the day focus on moving water in areas that have the most water flow which can create more oxygen and slightly cooler temps! Green backs with trimmed tails can slow your baits down making the fish have to use less energy to eat your bait.

Snook has been hit and miss using grunts, pinfish especially in deeper water. Trout bite has been pretty consistent using greenies on a float or free line where the grass and sand holes meet! Redfish has been best on incoming tides shrimp under a float will allow you bait to sit in one spot making it easier for the redfish to eat as some haven't been wanting to chase baits much at all! Sharks are always a good go to for excitement when everything else seems to be not hungry, butterflied pinfish on a float can be a guaranteed bite when sharks are in your area.

Tight Lines,
Captain Dustin
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